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News And Updates

News And Updates
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December 09, 2006

Amputated Christ, proudly welcomes new all time guitarist Equinox to the band in November. So far this man has been playin a large role in the sounds of this band.

Lord Raben and Equinox, welcomes you all to our new official webpage on Deceember 06, 2006. This page will be updated by the band itself. There will me a guestbook where you can sign and the band members will get back to you asap!

Amputated Christ Is Officially Signed To "Vampiria Records, and Hell Unleashed Records" Both labels will be releasing the debut album for a/c early this year. This album "Rotting Savior" was recorded with in 3 weeks by Lord Raben, this was when a/c was only a one member project.

Also coming soon from Vampiria Records Amputated Christ/Dark Prophecies split album to be release in March of 2007. 8 tracks total and a running time of 38:00. You can see the art work for the album is the discography section of this site.

Infernal Waves, an internet radio show plays "Mutilation Of Christ" and "Mourne For The Goat" live on air to show support for the band. Amputated Christ was also asked to record the Infernal Waves theme song for the radio show.

All albums/vinyl/tapes can be bought through on here or the bands page. Just send us a message and we will get back to you on prices and etc.

New album coming late 2007 called "Her Cries Her Blood Crimson Frost" This album will be 14 tracks and around 78:09 long. And there will be alt. covers for this album. One featuring Devil Doll of scars magazine for the front cover. This album will also be release through Vampiria Records and Hell Unleashed Records.

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Dec. 11, 2006

Amputated Christ, has taken it upon it's self to send out some promo copies of their albums for free! If you are a label or web zine please contact us on our myspace or sign our guestbook and let us know if you are interested! Remember these are not fully pressed but they are great quality Promo Cdr copies of some of our latest material!!

We are also looking to be releasing a 5 song Ep! We will have more updates on that very soon!!!!(MORE TO COME)

In other news Lord Raben, announces that he will be playing all drums/vocals for live shows for amputated christ in the future! There might be also a new member Emory Slone, our new bassist coming soon! So be looking for Amputated Christ, to start playin shows very soon! We will more then likely still record with a new Alesis Stero drum machine but we will have a live drummer no matter what!!

Dec. 14, 2006

Amputated Christ, will be working on in the next few weeks a new 6 song Ep titled "Night Of Sorrow" this album will be a darker and more "raw" side of amputated christ. Now with Lord Raben on drums instead of a machine doing all of the works.

We should have something for you all to hear coming soon after Jan 15th of 2007. Although there is no official track listing for this ep, you can see some of the album art work by the discography section on this site or on our official myspace page be sure to check it all out and let us all know what you all think! We are also announcing that Equinox, will be doing some backup vocals on these tracks.

These recordings will be released on vinyl and tapes by Vampiria Records. The band it's self will be providing cd copies to fans ONLY that request them that way!..